There are parts of this book that will make you a little bit uncomfortable. It will force you to ask the hard questions. But I give you my personal guarantee that it will deliver an astonishing amount of focus and direction to your measurement efforts.

Awesome, right? It really is. And so much fun. So devour this book. And remember the words of Zack Matere: “Information is powerful, but it is how we use it that will define us.”

Avinash Kaushik,
Digital Marketing Evangelist,

Today’s digital marketing landscape is a complex mix of channels and devices. Reaching an audience and convincing them to take some type of action can be complex. Even more complex is measuring the consumer experience as they interact with your digital marketing.

That’s where this Digital Marketing Playbook comes in. It provides a simple, easy to follow process to help any organization create a measurement plan for their digital marketing strategy. From defining objectives, to turning them into metrics, this resource is practical and easy to understand. Any digital marketer or analyst will find its advice actionable and useful.

Justin Cutroni,
Analytics Evangelist,

A fantastic look at an often overlooked area of marketing measurement. As the world has exploded from traditional media into the digital realm, the base objective of branding has remained, and the tools and strategies explored in this book offer cutting edge solutions to address very established marketing concepts and goals.

David Booth,
Founding Partner,
Cardinal Path, US

The goal of this book is to help you to do more with data and create a data driven organization. And that is what it does. A great practitioner’s resource, with practical, detailed, simple to follow advice, that not only helps you to get real value out of your data, but also bridges the gap between traditionally offline brand metrics and the online digital reality.

The comprehensive mix of concepts, examples, resources, and fluid writing style will appeal to both marketers and digital analysts, making the complex simple. I heartily recommend this book to anyone serious about optimizing their digital business strategy.

Barbara Pezzi,
Director Analytics & Search Optimization,
Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, UK

Influence begins at the zero moment of truth. Success eventuates when the consumer chooses your brand over others’, and keeps coming back for more. Unfortunately, many marketers cannot draw a correlation between influence and success in the digital realm.

This book plays a vital role in closing the gap of tying digital activities with branding performance. While there is an excess of material that covers the virtues of measuring digital branding activities, they tend to be high-level and lack practical guidance. What impresses about this book is that it goes the extra mile to provide practical recommendations so that you can start to put the concepts into practice immediately.

Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar,
Managing Partner & Co-Founder,
Sparkline Analytics, Singapore

This book sheds a very welcome light on the darkest side of the Digital Marketing landscape: the brand. Indeed, the authors have taken on that feared creature that extends its tentacles into the unknown future while it feeds customer loyalty and lowers acquisition costs. And they have done it with great analytical skills, providing a very welcome methodology for its dissection, measurement and growth.

Sergio Maldonado,
Chief Executive Officer,
Sweetspot Intelligence, UK

The branding opportunities that come with digital are usually underestimated. This book will empower you to better understand how your company can build, measure and optimize the impact of digital media on your brand.

This is essential reading for any marketer willing to take advantage of the full potential of digital media, a potential that goes well beyond direct marketing tactics. We have to congratulate the authors for writing a book that, while dealing with such a complex topic, is able to successfully guide you and your company through the steps that lead to digital marketing nirvana.

Pere Rovira,
Head of Analytics Strategy and Sales,
Havas Media, Spain

We need more books like this one that doesn’t only talk about how digital analytics can help your business but shows many different methodologies to make the most out of your online metrics. This book will help you understand online branding processes and invite you to take action, which is the ultimate objective of any analytics endeavor.

Gemma Muñoz,
Co-Founder & CEO,
El Arte de Medir, Spain

This book’s vision goes beyond the use of any particular tool. In a world with information overload, this book provides a systemic view of analytics that will allow to transform analytics into an insights machine that brings benefits to the organization as a whole. Undoubtedly, will become a must read for any decision maker.

Juan Damia,
Co-Founder & CEO,
Intellignos, Argentina

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