The KPI Dashboard

For a metric to be useful to the business three things must be defined: what do you need the metric for, who needs to see it, and at what cadence. Making information accessible at the right time and to the right people is key to build a truly data-driven organization.

With that in mind we’ve created this KPI Dashboard that will enable you to seamlessly distribute information throughout the organization. Metrics are organized in two layers: the first one, useful for day-to-day optimization purposes, should be in the hands of your digital agency, community manager, and webmaster. Whereas the second one, useful to assess actual success of your initiatives, should be in the hands of the people in charge of the digital strategy to be analyzed at least on a monthly basis.

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Finally, when the time comes to report back to the executive level, the whole digital branding strategy must be summarized in the true critical few metrics. Three metrics can represent the impact of your strategy to the business bottom-line: online reach as the input to the process, plus incremental sales revenue and customer loyalty as the expected outcome.

Get the template of the KPI Dashboard and a useful Scorecard now. Just visit this Google Doc, make a copy, adapt it to your needs, and you’ll be all set to start measuring your own strategies.

Please let us know how it goes, we do care.

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