The book

Brand marketers are still taking their first steps into the digital world by migrating their traditional mindset into the new communication channels they have at hand. Traditional branding, being strongly based on reach & frequency, is being copied to digital branding initiatives, thus ignoring the great opportunity digital media provides, as a two-way communication channel, to further engage with their audiences.

We created a comprehensive measurement framework to help shape the mindset of the next generation of digital brand marketers and enable them to focus not only on brand exposure and its impact on sales, but also on the brand experience they can now create using digital media, and its impact on long term profitability. Learn more >>

The framework

In the book we’ll guide you step by step through the five stages of the framework:

  1. Expose your brand
  2. Attract people to your brand territory
  3. Engage providing valuable experiences
  4. Retain attention over the long term
  5. Influence perception, intent or behavior

We’ll also provide the set of KPIs that need to be measured at each of the stages. KPIs are designed to fulfill two different needs: the need to optimize efforts on a day-by-day basis, and the need to assess high-level success at each of the stages of the framework. Finally, we’ll help you bring accountability by surfacing the link between your online branding efforts and the most important outcomes expected from any branding campaign: to drive sales and to grow loyalty.

Learn about the KPI Dashboard >>

What People Are Saying

“I give you my personal guarantee, this book will deliver an astonishing amount of focus and direction to your measurement efforts.”

— Avinash Kaushik, Google

“A fantastic look at an often overlooked area of marketing measurement.”

— David Booth, Cardinal Path

“This book is practical and easy to understand. Any digital marketer or analyst will find it’s advice actionable and useful.”

— Justin Cutroni, Google

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